Marathon Asset Management Leadership
Marathon Asset Management <span class='partnername'>Stuart Goldberg,</span><br />Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager <span class='partnername'>Richard Ronzetti,</span><br />Partner & Global Head Of Investment Analysis And Asset Management <span class='partnername'>Steve Kim,</span><br />Partner & Chief Investment Officer Asia <span class='partnername'>Andrew Rabinowitz,</span><br />Partner & Chief Operating Officer <span class='partnername'>Bruce Richards,</span><br />Chief Executive Officer & Co-managing Partner <span class='partnername'>Louis Hanover,</span><br />Chief Investment Officer & Co-managing Partner <span class='partnername'>Andrew Springer,</span><br />Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager <span class='partnername'>Gabriel Szpigiel,</span><br />Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager <span class='partnername'>Jake Hyde,</span><br />Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager

Marathon is a global credit manager with approximately $10 billion of capital under management opportunistically investing in the global credit markets. Our business is guided by our fiduciary responsibility to our investors, an intensive research-based investment approach, prudent risk management discipline and a firm wide commitment to operational excellence.


The leadership of Marathon defines our culture and character of an uncompromising commitment to integrity, strong corporate governance, and dedication to excellence in everything we do. This cohesive management guides a highly talented and diverse team of 125 employees and fosters long-term relationships with financial and sector leaders across the globe.

Bruce Richards
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Managing Partner

Louis Hanover
Chief Investment Officer
& Co-Managing Partner