A Collateral First Approach

Marathon's Asset-Based Lending program is comprised of specialized teams with deep industry expertise and established relationships built over decades to provide innovative solutions.

Marathon's program is built on creating highly diversified and resilient portfolios comprised of non-correlated senior, secured contractual cashflows.


In Asset-Based Lending


Residential Loans Acquired


Consumer Loans Acquired


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Marathon's dedicated teams are exceptional within their respective sectors:

Our Asset-Based Lending program is designed as an all-weather strategy with a broad and flexible mandate to create highly diversified and resilient portfolios based on opportunities and sectors that exhibit the most attractive fundamentals.

Established Partner:

Marathon is an incumbent in the Asset-Based Lending market with over $28 billion in investments spanning over 20 years.

Experienced Team:

Marathon's Co-Managing Partners and Portfolio Managers are market and cycle tested with over 25 years of average experience.

Public & Private

Marathon's broad capabilities enable us to pivot between public & private opportunities - originate primary loans or acquire secondary debt at an attractive discount.

Creative Solutions:

Marathon's flexible toolkit provides solutions to borrowers with a partnership approach.

Dedicated Asset

Marathon's robust in-house asset management team monitors the lifecycle of our investments.


Marathon's institutional infrastructure draws upon our global credit platform, leveraging proprietary analytics and machine learning models fine-tuned over decades.

Marathon's Asset-Based program seeks:

  • Attractive absolute returns with low correlation to traditional markets, complementing portfolios with corporate exposure.
  • All-weather investments exhibiting robust cash flows with an emphasis on principal protection, diverse high-quality collateral and borrower profiles.
  • Unique investment opportunities through our established presence and partnerships where we problem solve for our counterparties.
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With decades of experience analyzing, structuring, and designing investments, our team is focused on resilient cash-flows, robust asset coverage, strong debt-service coverage ratios, and financial covenants that accompany a perfected interest in the underlying collateral.

Marathon partners with Sponsors, Owners, and Operators to provide reliable, efficient, and tailored capital. Our dedicated teams have deep domain expertise across asset classes, capital structures with a focus on executing value-creation plans and building lasting relationships.

Our flexible capital is positioned to acquire existing asset-based portfolios at scale to create liquidity for borrowers across:

  • Loans
  • Leases
  • Receivables
  • Property
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Royalties
  • Intellectual Property
  • Structured Solutions

Select Marathon Transactions


Programmatic purchase agreement of newly originated consumer installment loans through an exclusive flow arrangement with a leading originator


Origination of Healthcare Asset-Based, Senior-Secured Term Loan backed by commercialized FDA-approved HIV therapeutics


Acquisition of portfolio of Commercial Narrow-body Aircrafts on NNN lease to major U.S. and Europe Airliners


Origination of a Senior, Secured Loan on a transitional Multifamily property in the U.S.


Acquisition of HELOC and Second Lien Mortgage Pool to provide liquidity to an Insurance company


Origination of a Corporate Asset-Based Loan, backed by distribution centers, inventory and intellectual property of a leading retailer


Acquisition of a Mezzanine Note secured by a portfolio of off-airport parking facilities to provide liquidity to a REIT


Acquisition of a Healthcare Royalty of an FDA-approved topical skin treatment from a publicly traded pharmaceutical company


Origination of a Senior, Secured Loan backed by mission-critical Maritime assets with significant coverage


Acquisition of First Lien Residential Mortgage Pool to provide liquidity to a Bank


Programmatic purchase agreement of Auto Loans through a flow arrangement from a leading originator


Acquisition of discounted Consumer Loan pool from a Bank's balance sheet to provide liquidity

Investment Vehicles

  • Closed-End Funds
  • Public Fund: John Hancock Asset-Based Lending Fund (ABLFX)

  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account

Marathon's team has a long-standing reputation as a trusted counterparty with a proven ability for timely execution across industries, asset classes and capital structures.

Marathon's fully integrated team of specialized teams includes talented investment professionals focused on sourcing unique deal flow, rigorous credit analysis, and proactive asset management. Marathon's well-established global infrastructure team is comprised of in-house risk management, financial controls, operational, legal, and compliance to assist in deal structuring, KPI and covenant monitoring, portfolio optimization, real-time reporting, and best practices.

Contact Us

To contact Marathon's Asset-based Lending team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Asset-Based Lending Transactions:

Ed Cong
Partner - Asset-Based Lending

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development or