Unlocking the Power of Mobility

Marathon Transportation Finance is compromised of dedicated teams specializing in Aviation, Maritime, and Ground Logistics.

Marathon's Transportation Finance program encompasses three dynamic and specialized investment strategies across:






Ground Logistics


Invested in Aviation Industry


Commercial Aircraft Leased to Airlines


Invested in the Ground Logistics Industry


DWT of Maritime Carrying Capacity Financed


Invested in the Maritime Transport Industry


Invested in the Transportation Sector

Marathon has a long-standing presence in Transportation Finance, investing across the sector for over 15 years. Our collaborative investment teams include of highly seasoned and dedicated professionals who focus on sourcing, originating, underwriting, and actively managing transportation assets.

Marathon's long-term partnerships with leading, growing transportation companies and specialized operators support the dynamic global markets, unlocking the power of mobility. Marathon provides the necessary capital to acquire and lease commercial aircraft, maritime, and ground logistics assets that support the critical needs of worldwide transportation.

Marathon's rigorous analysis, asset management, and leasing expertise utilizes a multi-channel approach to sourcing including:

  • Leasing Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • The Brokerage Community
  • Transportation Operators

Marathon provides the transportation industry with innovative and tailored asset-based and capital solutions to support mission-critical operations.

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At Marathon, we believe that transportation is the backbone of global connectivity, and our mission is to fuel success, drive progress, and forge lasting partnerships in the journey to shape the future of transportation.

Joseph Thorstenson

Managing Director - Aviation


Soaring to New Horizons

Marathon Aviation Finance is active across all segments of the aviation industry. With a reputation built over 25 years, we have successfully invested over $5 billion across the aviation sector to provide financing to airline companies in addition to acquiring and leasing more than 150 narrow and wide-body aircraft to commercial carriers globally.

Marathon sources, originates, and structures senior-secured, mezzanine loans, and capital solutions that are critical to operations. We build enduring partnerships based on integrity and alignment of interest with our operating partners and counterparties with a commitment to thoughtfully navigate the ups and downs of markets and economic cycles.


Charting Course for Success

Marathon Maritime Finance is active across all segments of the maritime industry as we have successfully invested over $1 billion in the global maritime industry. As a trusted partner, our team provides customized capital solutions for maritime companies, including financing, acquiring, and leasing cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships and tankers globally that operate in international waters. In addition, we focus on U.S. ships protected by the Jones Act, including tugboats and barges that travel in rivers and lakes in U.S. waterways.

With decades of experience across market cycles, our specialized team has deep comprehension of the entire maritime value chain, informing our fundamental underwriting process, deal structuring, and value-creation playbook. We actively participate across the markets and leverage our extensive network as we remain highly attuned to the dynamic supply and demand fundamentals that are critical to analyze maritime assets and companies.

Ground Logistics

Driving Efficiency & Growth

Marathon's Ground Logistics Finance provides customized asset-based and capital solutions for companies across global trucking, railcar, cranes, and ground logistics. Marathon sources, underwrites, and structures transactions based on comprehensive fundamental analysis to leverage real-time data and the ever-changing price dynamics that are driven by supply and demand.

Our integrated corporate credit platform garners valuable real-time insights on market dynamics in sectors such as industrial, manufacturing, and retail which are directly supported by ground logistics. Collaboratively with our Ground Logistics team, Marathon seeks to create attractive cashflows with structural protection through rigorous due diligence and asset management.


  • Asset Acquisition & Leasing
  • Hard Asset Purchases & Financing
  • Sales-and-Leasebacks
  • Asset-Backed Revolvers
  • Senior Secured Loans
  • Recapitalizations & Restructurings
  • Opportunistic Purchases
  • Capital Solutions
  • EETCs

Investment Vehicles

  • Closed-End Funds
  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account

Marathon's transportation team has deep specialization across Aviation, Maritime, and Ground Logistics and closely collaborates to ensure that we deliver strong risk-adjusted outcomes for our partners. With over 20 in-house professionals, we maintain an integrated approach that emphasizes value creation, capital preservation, and risk mitigation.

Contact Us

To contact the Marathon's Transportation Finance team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Aviation:

Joseph Thorstenson
Managing Director - Aviation

For Maritime & Ground Logistics:

Adam Conrad
Managing Director - Maritime and Ground Logistics

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development or