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Marathon's Residential team acquires performing and sub-performing first and second lien loans in urban and suburban markets exhibiting improving credit profiles.

Marathon seeks to capitalize on alternative channels to source residential real estate opportunities that are less competitively sponsored across:


Legacy Residential Mortgage Whole Loans


New Origination First Lien Mortgage Loans


New Origination Junior Lien Mortgages


Mortgage Servicing Rights ("MSR")


Structured Residential Real Estate Credit Securities


Gross Par Value Invested in Residential Eeal Estate Assets


Residential Loans Since Inception

#1 Net MOIC of 9

Managers Selected by the U.S. Department of Treasury for the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP)

Marathon's data-driven analysis informs our acquisition of residential loans, while utilizing our highly qualified servicers to drive improving credit dynamics.

Marathon selectively sources new origination non-qualified (“Non-QM”) first and second lien residential mortgages secured by creditworthy borrowers. Our highly experienced capital markets team has cultivated well-established industry relationships that enable us to efficiently build portfolios and crystalize value through securitizations, bulk sales, and cash flow realizations.

Over the past two decades, we have developed and refined M2PT (Marathon's Machine-Learning Proprietary Technology), a suite of models and analytic tools. Our resources enhance our fundamental analysis and inform our sourcing, underwriting, and structuring of our residential mortgage investments.

Marathon was selected by the U.S. Treasury for the Public Private Investment Program ('PPIP') to manage capital for the U.S. Treasury, investing in residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities to stabilize the housing market through increased liquidity and market price discovery, ultimately achieving the highest Net MOIC among the 9 selected investment managers.

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Marathon focuses on the purchase and aggregation of legacy whole loan pools, the origination of non-qualified mortgages to creditworthy borrowers, and asset-based corporate lending opportunities relating to the residential mortgage industry.

  • New Origination of Non-Qualified First and Second Lien Mortgages (“Non-QM”)
  • Acquisition of Seasoned First and Second Lien Whole Loan Portfolios
  • Asset-Based Lending to Residential Companies
  • Forward Flow and Secondary Acquisition of HELOCs

Investment Vehicles

  • Closed-End Funds
  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account

Marathon has demonstrated the ability to thoughtfully build portfolios throughout multiple economic and interest rate cycles. Our residential real estate team is advantaged by Marathon's global public and private credit acumen, capital markets expertise, robust networks, and market intelligence.

Contact Us

To contact the Marathon's Residential Real Estate team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Residential Real Estate Transactions:

Sean Duffy
Managing Director - Residential Real Estate

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development or