Dynamic Income Generation

Marathon's renowned expertise in Structured Credit is driven by our rigorous approach to fundamental credit selection with a dynamic asset allocation process resulting in an all-weather strategy that identifies attractive risk-adjusted opportunities.

Marathon has a long-standing presence across the sub-asset classes of Structured Credit with a process enhanced by our renowned public and private credit investment teams that delivers unique advantages through our shared knowledge enhancing our fundamental analysis, credit selection, portfolio optimization, active asset management and trade execution.


Invested in
Structured Credit

25+ Years

Of Average Experience for Structured Credit PMs

#1 Net MOIC of 9

Managers Selected by the U.S. Department of Treasury for the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP)

Marathon's Structured Credit team is comprised of specialized teams with a wide range of experience across each vertical of Structured Credit, while utilizing insights from Marathon's Public and Private Credit platform.

Our integrated investment teams combine bottom-up credit analysis with our proprietary machine learning technology (“m2PT”) based on our database of individual loans accumulated over three decades that generates cash flow forecasts, analyzes credit performance, and evaluates the spectrum of scenarios.

Marathon overlays our quantitative allocation process based on an efficient frontier analysis to maximize future returns by minimizing historical volatility with real-time insights on the economic environment, interest rates, and macro positioning to inform our underlying sector views.

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Marathon seeks to generate alpha through rigorous underwriting of collateral quality and its preference within the capital structure with a fundamental focus on downside protection. Our team employs active asset management through carefully constructed portfolios to maximize Sharpe ratio and diversification, while minimizing market correlation.

Marathon's Competitive Advantage

Our participation across multiple strategies enhances our ability to uncover the most attractive opportunities

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Investment Strategies

Investment Grade

Actively-managed Investment Grade Structured Credit portfolio built to optimize Sharpe ratio, diversity and liquidity.

High Yield

Actively-managed unconstrained High Yield Structured Credit portfolio with emphasis on absolute return, dynamic credit selection and asset allocation.


Marathon's significant expertise in portfolio construction enables us to utilize our core strategic principles in offering a Fund of One or Separately Managed Account for customized solutions to fit a variety of investment objectives, preferences, and market environments.

Investment Vehicles

  • Long-Only Funds
  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account
  • Sub-Advisory

Contact Us

To contact Marathon's Structured Credit investment team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Structured Credit Transactions:

Ed Cong
Partner - Structured Credit

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development or