Capital Solutions for Underbanked Asset Classes

Marathon's Specialty Finance Team utilizes a targeted approach and an established presence to proactively source and rigorously analyze to uncover attractive investments.

Marathon's multi-channel sourcing approach, rigorous fundamental analysis and deep structuring expertise enhances our ability to uncover opportunities with strong asset coverage, implement conservative structures, and create strong alignment with our borrowers and counterparties.


Investable Opportunities Sourced Annually

25+ Years

Of Average Experience for Leadership of Specialty Finance Program

Marathon provides financing to Specialty Finance originators and asset-rich companies with substantial financial or physical assets.

Our team collaborates across our global platform to source, structure, and underwrite specialty finance opportunities, primarily through senior or mezzanine secured bankruptcy-remote structures, asset acquisitions, and joint ventures.

Marathon's Specialty Finance Program includes the following asset classes:

  • Commercial Receivables
  • Equipment or Equipment Loans/Leases
  • Litigation or Settlements
  • Royalties
  • Regulatory Capital Relief, SRTs & CRTs
  • Corporate Asset-Based Solutions
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Increased bank regulation has led to underbanked asset classes creating substantial opportunities for Marathon to provide regulatory capital relief and finance assets with tailored deal terms.

Bruce Richards

CEO, Chairman & Founder

Select Marathon Strategies

  • Senior Asset-based Loan Facilities
  • Forward Flow Arrangements
  • Mezzanine Asset-Based Loan Facilities
  • Asset Portfolio Purchases
  • Revolving Credit Facilities
  • Joint Ventures

Investment Vehicles

  • Closed-End Funds
  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account

Contact Us

To contact the Marathon's Specialty Finance team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Specialty Finance Transactions:

Misha Renda
Director - Asset-Based Lending and Structured Credit

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development
jfriedman@marathonfund.com or