Empowering Consumer Finance

Marathon's team employs multiple sourcing strategies including new originations, forward flow agreements, secondary pools, and structured notes across secured and unsecured consumer credit asset classes.

Marathon's consumer credit team has invested throughout the U.S. consumer debt markets for 20+ years with a focus on constructing diversified portfolios of high quality assets that offer robust, secured, short-duration, cash flowing loans with low correlation to the broader security market.


Invested in Consumer Credit Assets


Consumer Loans Acquired Since Inception


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Of GDP is Derived from Consumer Spending

Marathon provides lending facilities for a wide range of consumer finance companies investing over $1.5 billion in consumer credit.

Marathon focuses on strong relationships with alignment of interest, working with best-in-class consumer loan originators that have seasoned management teams with unique underwriting frameworks and pricing discipline that are further enhanced by Marathon's partnership.

Our highly experienced investment team has deep industry relationships strengthening our sourcing, underwriting, and structuring of investments to build diversified portfolios. Marathon strives to create attractive risk-reward for our clients investing through loans, leases with realizations occurring through securitizations, bulk sales, and cash flow.

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Marathon's proprietary machine learning model, M2PT, provides a highly quantitative view of U.S. consumers with probabilistic projections of credit quality built and refined since the GFC.


Marathon focuses on the purchase and aggregation of newly originated forward flow consumer loan pools and seasoned secondary loan portfolios.

  • Consumer Loans
  • Securitized ABS
  • Asset-Based Lending to Consumer Finance Companies

Select Marathon

  • Personal Installment Loan Package: ∼$450 million personal installment loans from a leading consumer loan originator.
  • Consumer Installment Loan Package: ∼$425 million of newly originated consumer installment loans through an exclusive flow arrangement with a leading consumer loan originator.
  • Auto Loan Package ∼$250 million of newly originated auto loans through an exclusive flow arrangement with a leading auto loan originator.

Investment Vehicles

  • Closed-End Funds
  • Fund of One & Separately Managed Account

Marathon's dedicated consumer credit team comprised of seasoned investment professionals is enhanced by our global public and private credit market intelligence, capital markets expertise, robust relationships, and M2PT machine-learning technology.

Contact Us

To contact Marathon's Consumer Credit team, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

For Consumer Credit Transactions:

Maxx Frost
Director - Consumer Credit

For Investors:

Jason Friedman
Partner - Global Head of Strategy and
Business Development or